AR 增强现实产品
AR Smart Platform
AR Smart Platform seemlessly integrates production, maintenance and communication systems together.  Supporting all major
AR hardware including mobile phones, tablet PCs and wearable devices, Uwong's AR Smart Platform makes sure customers use the right
tools.  Remote assistance, smart instructions and task monitoring help enterprises increase efficiency, reduce costs and improve accuracy.

Industrial AR Solutions
Uwong's highly experienced development team have created AR solutions for industry leading enterprises.  We have helped COMAC's
aircraft production with AR by reducing human errors, and increased efficiency in AECC's jet engine maintenance and
repairs using remote
assistance and smart instructions.
VR 虚拟现实产品
VR Learning Platform
VR Learning Platform is a true immersive learning tool, where teachers and students can wear VR headsets for long duration to
learn together in a completely safe virtual environment.  Using proprietary optimization methods, our VR courseware are motion sickness
free.  Modular in design, the platform is expandable and supports group operations, demonstrations and testing.
VR Classroom with Courseware
VR reduces enterprise training costs and time.  Uwong's award winning development team has been creating professional VR training
content for industry leading corporations.  Our system can integrate with existing I.T. platforms, so managers can easily access trainee
progress.  Contact us to find out how our VR Learning solutions can help your enterprise.
教育 AR VR 产品
Professional VR Courseware
A complete set of 12 courseware for professional cabin crew training, including emergency landing, water ditching, cabin fire extinguishing and equipment operations, expertly authored and used by many aviation colleges and vocational training centers in China.  Allows students to practice emergency situations in the complete safety of virtual environments.
K21 VR Experience Centers
Made for K12 schools, the VR Experience Centers allow students to explore different transportation systems such as aircraft, automobile and
shipping in VR.  They can learn how to fly a Boeing 737, or watch how jet engines work.  Also, VR fire drill allows student to practice
evacuating at school and at home, in a completely safe environment.